Internal Communications Coordinator

Jenny provides support for the communications team in Denver, including website and newsletter management, as well as support for Jocelyn Hittle, Secretary Vilsack, and Christie Vilsack.

Executive Assistant

Melanie provides support for CSU Executive Vice Chancellor Amy Parsons and the CSU Board of Governors.

Director of Denver Program Development

Jocelyn directs program development for the NWC project, including managing CSU’s facility design and acting as a liaison between CSU’s faculty and staff and the project partners.

Denver Communications Coordinator

Cyrus provides support for the communications team in Denver, including storytelling, social media management, and community outreach efforts.

Director of External Relations

Tiana leads media relations, community outreach efforts, and partnerships related to the NWC project, and helps guide the communications team on storytelling and strategic messaging.

Executive Vice Chancellor, CSU System

Amy leads CSU’s involvement as an equity partner in the NWC project. She provides strategic direction for the university’s role in the campus, and leads the university’s team in charge of NWC development, programming, and communications.

Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Educational Access

Christie is a former Senior Advisor for International Education and USAID. Her current work with CSU is focused specifically on K-12 educational programming at the NWC site.

Strategic Advisor of Food & Water Initiatives at the National Western Center

Tom Vilsack is the former Secretary of Agriculture and former Governor of Iowa. His current work with the CSU System and Denver Water supports the growing educational partnership at the NWC.

Special Advisor to the Chancellor for International Agriculture

Kerri has over 25 years of experience in international development, including with the World Bank, the International Food Policy Research Institute, and USAID. Her current work with the CSU System is in the development of programming at the NWC.

Above are the main National Western Center contacts. For a full list of CSU System staff, visit the CSU System team page.