Amy Parsons

Executive Vice Chancellor, CSU System

Amy Parsons leads CSU’s involvement as an equity partner in the National Western Center project. Parsons provides strategic direction for the university’s role in the campus, and leads the university’s team in charge of National Western Center development, programming, and communications.

Jocelyn Hittle
Director of Denver Program Development

Jocelyn Hittle directs program development for the National Western Center project, including managing CSU’s facility design and acting as a liaison between CSU’s faculty and staff and the project partners.

Tiana Nelson

Director of Denver PR & Outreach

Tiana Nelson leads strategic communications, community outreach efforts, and partnerships for CSU related to the National Western Center project.

Cyrus Martin

Denver Communications Coordinator

Cyrus Martin provides support for the communications team in Denver, including storytelling, social media management, and community outreach efforts.

Melanie Geary
Executive Assistant

Melanie Geary provides support for CSU Executive Vice Chancellor Amy Parsons and the CSU Board of Governors.

Jenny Frank
Communications & Administrative Assistant

Jenny Frank provides support for the communications team in Denver, including website, and newsletter management.