The Spur Water Building will be a global leader in water education, research, innovation, and policy, bringing together many disciplines and sectors in pursuit of solutions to Western and global challenges at the intersection of food, water, and health.

The Spur Water Building will be unique in the world — advancing state-of-the-art practices in water, providing a place for water-oriented conversations and conferences, highlighting linkages between water and urban and rural food systems and energy, connecting water users with problem-solvers, showcasing water sustainability, and fostering collaboration across sectors.

With its connection to a restored section of the South Platte River in north Denver, it will also provide a home for community activities and hands-on water education for students and families.

The Spur Water Building will showcase the innovative spirit of the West, that is a place of connection across disciplines, geographies, and eras. It sits within a rich and dynamic community and historical context, with a focus on the future and addressing global challenges in ways that reflect the spirit of Denver, Colorado, and the West.

Unique programming

  • Water and inter-disciplinary innovation/incubation space
  • Research and teaching labs
  • Western Water Policy Institute
  • Salazar Center for North American Conservation
  • K-12 water educational space
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Denver Water’s Compliance Lab
  • Professional development
  • Outdoor research and learning

Denver Water

CSU is working closely with Denver Water to create collaborative research and education opportunities at the Spur Water Building.

Denver Water is looking to host its water quality testing program at the Spur Water Building, which can perform more than 200,000 tests annually, monitoring the water quality of watershed, treatment and distribution systems, as well as providing research and development opportunities for water quality applications.