Spur is a brand that reflects the innovation, forward movement, and discovery that will take place in the three buildings at the CSU System campus. It is a modern brand, yet rooted in history. It makes a statement of bold forward motion, yet nods to the past even in the color pumpkin, which matches CSU’s original colors of pumpkin and alfalfa some 150 years ago.

When you think of the word Spur, you may think of a railroad spur and the fact that Denver exists today because of one such spur. You may think of the spur on a boot, as part of the historical context of this project. Or you may think of an interlocking spur through which a river runs, and our placement along the banks of the South Platte River.

To us, Spur means to incite action, growth, and development. This captures what the CSU System will accomplish at the National Western Center through diverse programming, open access, and commitment to our local and global communities.

CSU’s proud history as an established university providing world-class academics and fostering groundbreaking research is only part of our identity. Spur will be a lighthouse … a beacon … a standout Denver destination that inspires learners and engages visitors, creating a powerful new expression of what CSU is.

We look forward to building this incredible campus alongside you all, and we are honored for CSU’s Spur campus to be the educational anchor as part of the larger National Western Center campus.

When CSU System fully opens Spur in 2022, we hope you will all be there with us, ready to change the world.