In 2022, Colorado State University System will open its doors to a space like no other – three buildings open to all and positioned to change the world.

On the banks of the South Platte River, within the historic National Western Stock Show site, will be a CSU campus acting as a front door to the world-class research and education provided by the CSU System.

The campus will also be a beacon, drawing students, visitors, and thought-leaders together to explore, discover, and solve the largest global problems of our time around water, food, sustainability, and health.

In these one-of-a-kind spaces, CSU System will flip the traditional university model on its head to create an entirely new global model for higher education, for research, for experiences. It’s everything but normal – it’s completely unexpected and all about creating impact.

Map of the National Western Center site.


CSU Water Building

Partner: Denver Water

Programs: Salazar Center for North American Conservation; Western Water Policy Institute; Denver Water Compliance Lab

You should know: the CSU Water Building will be connected to a restored section of the South Platte River, providing a home for community activities, hands-on water education, and research.

Human & Animal Health

CSU Animal Health Complex

Partner: Dumb Friends League Solutions Clinic

Programs: Temple Grandin Equine Center; College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences student externships

You should know: visitors of all age levels will be able to observe medical procedures and view animal surgeries in action.


CSU Center for Food & Agriculture

Partner: Together We Grow

Programs: K-12 Ag Discovery Center; CSU Metro Experiment Station; Denver Engagement Hub; teaching and commissary kitchens

You should know: the CSU Center for Food and Agriculture will serve as an additional space for Denver Urban Extension to respond to community needs.

Canva - Person's Left Hand Holding Green Leaf Plant
  • The National Western Center is one of three net-zero projects in Colorado, and CSU System is collaborating with with the National Renewable Energy Lab, the Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, and others to achieve these goals.
  • The CSU Sustainability Team has been working to establish short-term and long-term research projects on the site, relating to air quality, community health, and the built environment, among others.
  • CSU System is working with the Butterfly Pavilion to ensure the National Western Center is a pollinator district.
Equine education outreach
  • As a permanent neighbor of the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods, CSU System is focused on understanding the community and being culturally responsive.
  • CSU System has more than a dozen community partners in the GES neighborhoods.
  • CSU System’s programs in the community mirror future activities at the National Western Center. The System continues to add to current and future plans at its buildings, which will open in 2022.

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